Major Winter Storm for the Southeast USA

Major Winter Storm for the Southeast USA

This system is making headlines across the board, and since we have fans who have family in The Southeast US, we wanted to give you a complete update on what is going on down there and if we are expecting anything in our coverage area from this system, so let’s dig in and get up to date.


Major Winter Storm Alert

Central Georgia including the Atlanta Metro
Southern South Carolina
West Central South Carolina

As of right now, with the model runs and current placement of ICE STORM WARNINGS this area looks to see the best shot of significant icing. Some models are pumping out some serious ice accumulations with this system well over a inch total, We’re not in full agreement with that, BUT we are confident on a dangerous ice storm situation setting up with accumulations over half inch. A half inch or greater can do great damage to trees, power lines and road conditions will likely deteriorate fast with this setup in these areas.

Current Winter Storm Warnings (PINK) ICE STORM (PURPLE) Winter Storm Watch BLUE.
The ICE STORM Warnings in Far East Central GA, and Southwest South Carolina go into effect
at MIDNIGHT Tonight, Feburary 12th. As you can see Winter Storm Watches, Winter Weather Advisory’s
ICE storm warnings are all over the place in the Southeast, and although we are highly concerned with the ICE setup we mentioned above, We’re going to see a lot of problems with this system across the area with all modes of winter weather possible.. The exact track of this system, surface temperatures and timing of precip arrival will determine where significant icing sets up.. Heavy snow will hit north of the icing into the Northern part of the Watch and Warning area, and into the Northeast as the week goes on.

Needless to say conditions in the SouthEast will rapidly deteriorate, tomorrow into tomorrow night. We’re watching the entire system as it will cause a lot of problems for people, but as I mentioned above, the setup for a very significant ice storm in parts of the SE appears to be building, so please if you live in this area, or have friends or family in this area of concern, share this page with them. Even though this system is effecting a small portion of our coverage area, we feel it is warranted to cover this system due to the serious nature and threats it is showing;

ice-storm-warnings-south-usa Major Winter Storm Alert

Preliminary snowfall forecast -

As we get closer and can absolutely zero in on the track, we will be able to dial in better on exact totals, but we fully expect quite a few reports of 6-8 inches with a few isolated reports of 10+ inches.  After the overnight models come in with the morning 12z runs we will revise these maps for both ICE STORM Potential and Heavy Snowfall potential.


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